Potterton Titanium

The Potterton Titanium Combi is our highly efficient, ultra powerful boiler that comes in outputs of 24kW, 28kW, 33kW and 40kW. Our powerful 40kW model delivers instant hot water and heating on demand and continues to be a family favourite boiler.

Our Titanium Combi also comes with a 7-year warranty* guaranteeing reliability and durability for complete peace of mind.

*Terms and conditions apply

Potterton Titanium warranty terms and conditions.

  • Outputs of 24kW, 28kW, 33kW and 40kW – a model for every household's requirements.
  • 24 hour mechanical clock and filling loop fitted as standard – saves time during installation
  • Flue options up to 20 metres – providing greater siting flexibility
  • Energy Saving Trust Endorsed - meets the strictest product and energy performance criteria, and is extremely energy efficient and cost effective
  • Seven year warranty - for complete peace of mind.

Please note: warranty and purchasing information on this site applies to the UK only. For information on how to buy these products in the Republic of Ireland, please visit Baxi Potterton Myson.


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Potterton Titanium Combi  

Units   24kW  28kW  33kW  40kW 
Sales code (Boiler only) 7210119   7210121  7210123 7210125 
Sales code (Std flue & Elbow 60/100)  5118489  5118489  5118489  5118489  
Sales code (Boiler with flue)  7210118  7210120  7210122  7210124 


Concealed user controls  Yes  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Operating mode selector switch with reset  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
User adjustable DHW temperature  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
User adjustable CH temperature  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
LCD operating status display  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
LED operating status display  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Integral 24hr electro-mechanical timer  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Integral 7 day electronic timer   Optional   Optional   Optional   Optional   Optional  
Single channel wireless programmable room thermostat  Optional  Optional   Optional   Optional   Optional  


Gas (natural gas/LPG)   NG  NG   NG   NG  
Inlet supply pressure  mbar  20  20  20  20 
Maximum gas rate  m3/hr  2.61  3.06  3.6  4.36 
Central heating input (max)  kW  22.7  27.4  32.1  36.4 
Central heating output - condensing (max)  kW  21  25.9  30.3  34.4 
Central heating output - non-condensing (max)  kW  20  24  28  32 
Domestic hot water input (max)  kW  27.4  32.1  37.7  45.7 
Seasonal efficiency  91.1  91.1  91.1  91.1 
SEDBUK rating band   
NOx class   
NOx levels  mg/kWhr  22.3  26  21.8  25.2 


Electrical supply  volts/Hz  230/50  230/50   230/50   230/50  
Permanent live required    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Power consumption  watts  155  155  160  160 
Boiler IPX rating (electrical protection)    IPX5D  IPX5D  IPX5D  IPX5D 
Integral 'boiler only' frost thermostat    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 


Wall mounting jig    Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Isolating valves    Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Gas supply connection  mm  22  22  22  22 
Central heating connections  mm  22 22 22 22
Domestic hot water connections  mm  15  15  15  15 
Condensate drain connection  mm  21.5  21.5  21.5  21.5 
Safety discharge connection  mm  15  15  15  15 
Filling loop kit  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 


Domestic hot water output (raised 35°C)(max) I/min  9.8  11.5  13.5  16.4 
Domestic hot water operating flow rate (min)  I/min   2
Domestic hot water operating pressure (min)  bar  0.15  0.15  0.15  0.15 
Domestic hot water system pressure (max)  bar 
Safety discharge pressure  bar 
Integral automatic bypass    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Integral expansion vessel capacity  litres  10  10 
CH system capacity (max)  litres  125  125  155  155 
Compartment ventilation required    No  No  No  No 
24hr pump exercise    Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Pump overrun    Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  

Concentric flue systems 

Concentric flue diameters  mm    60/100 and 80/125   
Concentric flue length  mm  685  685   685   685  
Max equiv vertical length (Ø 60/100)  10  10   10   10  
Max equiv vertical length (Ø 80/125)  20  20   20   20  
Max equiv horizontal length (Ø 60/100)  10   10   10   10  
Max equiv horizontal length (Ø 80/125)  20   20   20   20  

Twin flue system 

Twin pipe flue diameter  mm  80/80  80/80   80/80   80/80  
Max equiv vertical length  15  15   15   15  
Max equiv horizontal length  15   15   15   15  

Plume displacement kit 

Max equiv vertical length  14 


Gross packaged boiler weight  kg  48.6  49.2  51  51 
Packaged boiler dimensions (LxWxD)  mm   964 x 540 x 403

The following accessories and controls are compatible with the Potterton Gold Combi. To find out more, go to our Accessories and Controls page.

  • Integral 24hr electro-mechanical timer
  • Integral 7 day electronic
  • EP1 Programmer
  • EP2 Programmer
  • Single channel wireless programmable room thermostat
  • Potterton RF digital 7 day programmable roomset (wireless)
  • Filling loop kit

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