Our highest priority is the safety of all our valued customers and colleagues, especially as we face the battle against COVID-19. Please read our coronavirus update here

Potterton mission, vision and values

Our mission, vision and values underpin everything we do: the way we behave, how we work with our stakeholders and the pride we take in our products and services.

Our mission: Earning lifetime customer loyalty:

At Potterton we strive to deliver excellent service to all our customers. With vast experience in New build developments and Social housing projects, we have the personnel to respond to a variety of requests in these markets and we continue to help our clients achieve success in these areas.

Our vision: Leading the market in smart heating solutions:

Since our conception, Potterton has been at the forefront of heating solutions in the UK. With continued support from the BDR Thermea group, Potterton will continue to aim to lead this market.

Our values:

Positive and passionate:

We praise and encourage, are proud of our products and services, we go the extra mile, we aren't dismissive and we are energetic and positive.


We always put safety first, we take responsibility, we act immediately on safety, we praise safe behaviour and we don't put others at risk.

Reliable and responsive:

We do what we say we will do, we don't compromise on quality, we never ignore an issue, we are easy to work with and we communicate effectively.


We respect the views of others, we are honest, open and sincere, we treat everyone as important, we don't blame others and we don't act in isolation.


We create time for innovation, we are open minded, we embrace change, we encourage ideas and we share best practise.

Totally Dependable