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Potterton accessories and controls

We have a range of accessories and controls to make sure every heating installation is as energy efficient as possible and provides comfort and cost effectiveness for the homeowner.

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Potterton Multifit IFOS

Potterton Multifit IFOS is a patented in flue outdoor sensor providing an easy and cost effective way to comply with the requirements of Boiler Plus when combined with a time and temperature control. Saving energy and reducing Carbon emissions, the IFOS can also provide additional SAP benefits for new build developments.

Electro-mechanical timer

With the electro-mechanical 24 hour timer, the user can choose to have it either constantly on, constantly off or timed. Switching is possible at 15 minute intervals using tappets set around an analogue clock, making it very easy to use.

Electronic timer

The electronic seven day timer has an easy to read digital LCD display. It can have multiple on/off settings over a seven day period. It also features an advanced switch programme.

Wireless timer room thermostat

The wireless programmable room thermostat complies with Building Regulations Part L (Energy Conservation) and Part P (Electrical Safety). It is simple to fit and use.

Wireless digital timer room thermostat

The seven day programmable wall mounted room thermostat incorporates a large blue back lit display and a simple mode selection knob for ease of use.

Programmable 24 hour wireless sensor

The 24 hour wireless sensor is compatible with the Potterton Promax Ultra ErP range is a signle channel timer and room sensor. It is easy to read, with a backlit LCD display and a night set-back function that lowers room temperature at night to save energy.

Programmable 7 day wireless sensor

The 7 day wireless sensor is for use with the Potterton Promax Ultra ErP range, a two channel timer and room sensor that is easy to read, with a backlit LCD sisplay and a night set-back function that lowers temperature at night to save energy.

Multifit GasSaver

Multifit GasSaver is a flue gas heat recovery device designed to sit between the boiler and flue. It recycles the heat from the flue gases which would normally be expelled into the atmosphere and uses it to preheat domestic hot water. It is a low carbon solution, offering up to 700kg carbon emissions saving*, and can reduce cold water consumption by up to 7%**. It has no moving parts, so is maintenance free and no annual servicing is required.

Flue kits

Our flue kits ensure that most flue lengths can be catered for, and can be installed easily and quickly with minimum waste. Our standard horizontal telescopic flue is easily adjustable and different lengths of extensions help to make installation quicker, easier and reduce the need for cutting, reducing waste. Every joint is held securely using self-tapping screws and easily adjustable support brackets, all of which are provided with the flue kit

We offer a full range of terminals, including multiple plume terminations, with several colour options, ensuring a smart finish.

*A Review of the Energy Efficiency & Costs of Various Domestic Hot Water Supply Systems. Report from TUV NEL (2008). Results were based on a comparison of a standard efficiency boiler versus a high efficiency boiler and GasSaver.

**Test conducted by independent scientific test house, TNO. Calculation based on an average household's consumption of 100 litres of hot water per day. Results were based on a comparison of a SEDBUK (2005) 'A' rated high efficiency boiler versus a high efficiency boiler and GasSaver.

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