Potterton's NewDesign service for new build projects

Our in-house New Design team provides a complete design service for residential new build projects that incorporate Potterton heating and hot water products. Our New Design team will use your project's requirements to devise a full implementable system designed solution.

All our system designs are fully indemnified, in accordance with legislative requirements and recognise good practice standards and will provide a full development plan thats suits the defined situation and requirements. 

Design layouts are generated using the latest computer software , compiling of detailed layout plans showing boiler and heating positions and can be issued in either hard copy or electronic format via email, depending on personal preference.

New Design is able to work with SAP assessors and other technical parties to help you meet your energy targets and provide you with the most cost effective solution possible.

For more information about the NewDesign service offered or to arrange for Potterton to begin your own designs, please contact your local Potterton representative here.

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