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Building Regulations

Complying with building regulations is an essential part of any building project. Our resources below will help with any projects you may be working on.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have published 'Approved Documents'  to explains ways to meet Building Regulations.

The Approved Documents are:

● Part A (structure)
● Part B (fire safety) - volume 1: dwellings
● Part B (fire safety) - volume 2: buildings other than dwellings
● Part C (resistance to contaminants and moisture)
● Part D (toxic substances)
● Part E (resistance to sound)
● Part F (ventilation)
● Part G (sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency)
● Part H (drainage and waste disposal)
● Part J (combustion appliances and fuel storage systems)
● Part K (protection from falling)
● Part L (conservation of fuel and power)
● Part M (access to and use of buildings) volume1: dwellings
● Part M (access to and use of buildings) volume 2: buildings other than dwellings
● Part P (electrical safety)
● Part Q (security)
● Materials and workmanship

The resources below will provide additional information on specific regulations which may affect your project. If you have questions about any of these please get in touch.

Part F and Part L will be of particular interest to heating engineers.

Accessories and controls

Part F and Part L

Potterton gives more information about the regulations that affect heating and hot water

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Gas Broilers

Code for sustainable homes

Potterton explains the withdrawal of the Code for Sustainable Homes and the impact this has on...

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Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is used to assess and compare the environmental...

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