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Statement regarding Potterton Powermax HE boilers

Baxi - the parent company to Potterton - have issued a Safety Alert (number 013) for Potterton Powermax HE boilers manufactured between 2001 and November 2005. The Safety Alert has been issued in response to a very small risk associated with erosion of the aluminium flue/condensate connector for the Powermax HE. Baxi's continuous improvement programme has highlighted that, in very extreme cases where several factors occur simultaneously, carbon monoxide (CO) above normal operating levels could potentially escape from this type of flue/condensate connector.

We take safety extremely seriously. While the chances of these individual contributing factors occurring at the same time are very low, as a precautionary measure we have issued a Safety Alert recommending that all Potterton Powermax HE flue/condensate connectors are upgraded to black composite plastic versions, irrespective of their condition.

The company will supply and fit the replacement black composite plastic flue/condensate connectors on all affected boilers completely free of charge.*

When undertaking work on Potterton Powermax HE boilers, Gas Safe registered engineers are advised to follow the inspection procedure and further actions outlined in Safety Alert 013. A copy of the Safety Alert can be obtained by calling the Powermax HE helpline on 0800 0288 299** or visiting the Gas Safe website.

Affected customers should be advised to organise an upgrade at their earliest convenience by getting in touch with us or calling the dedicated Powermax HE free helpline on 0800 0288 299**.

A spokesperson for Baxi said: "Safety is of paramount importance to us, so we have taken precautionary action. We know that many of the original aluminium flue/condensate connectors on Powermax HE boilers have already been exchanged during annual servicing and maintenance, but we have issued a Safety Alert and have contacted all known customers that potentially still have a boiler with an aluminium component to offer them a free of charge upgrade.  We would like to thank Gas Safe engineers for their anticipated assistance in this matter.”

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