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Winter advice for your boiler

As the temperature begins to drop during the cold months of the year, being unprepared can put your boiler at risk and lead to unexpected bills. By following our winter advice you can keep your boiler healthy and ensure your home stays warm throughout the cold months.

Condensate Pipe maintenance

If your Potterton boiler has been installed with the plastic condensate pipe on an outside wall, the liquid inside the condensate pipe could freeze if the temperature drops below zero. If this happens, the boiler will shut down to protect itself and you will see the error code E133 on its display panel. The display will alternate between E1 and 33.
To get your Potterton boiler back up and running again without having to call an engineer,  please follow our easy to follow steps:

●  To unfreeze your condensate pipe from the outside, heat up some water but make sure it is not boiling, and pour the water across the full length of the pipe until it has defrosted. This could take upto 30 minutes in total so be patient and don't hit to pipe in an attempt to break up the thawing ice.

● Once the pipe has fully thawed out, you will need to reset the boiler, once you have your bouler should then fire up and run as normal.
If the error code still displays once the pipe has thawed, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer or call Customer Support on 0344 871 1545. To help prevent your condensate pipe or any other cold pipes in your home from freezing, wrap them in lagging. Lagging is a relatively cheap form of pipe insulation and could help you avoid any blockages or bursts that are caused by freezing.

Water pressure checks

Your Potterton boiler could shut down if there is a drop in pressure and you will have to repressurise it so it's crucial you check the pressure regularly.  In order to check your boiler pressure, use your boiler's user guide to locate the pressure gauge then make sure it is between 1.0 bar and 2.0 bar.

To repressurise your boiler yourself using either a Flexible Hose Filling Loop or Rigid Filling Loop, see our step-by-step video guides:

If you have any other concerns regarding your Potterton boiler pressure we advise you to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer  or Baxi Customer Support who will help solve any pressure related problems.


Q. What if I don't feel comfortable doing this?
A. If you aren't happy to thaw the pipes yourself, contact your installer or give us a call on 0344 871 1545. Please take into account that this work may be chargeable.
Q. I've tried your advice above and the boiler is still displaying the error code.
A. Don't worry, give us a call on 0344 871 1545 and we can send one of our engineers out

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